Vanquish Carnauba Wax tin

Vanquish Carnauba Wax


Vanquish Carnauba Wax contains no abrasives or perfumes and cures quickly, it will not stain trims and can be buffed off with ease.

If you cherish your vehicle and would like to offer it the ultimate protection and shine Vanquish Wax is the product for you.

One container of Vanquish Carnauba Wax will last for approximately 20-30 treatments.

Product Description

Vanquish Carnauba Wax is a pure wax that combines Brazilian carnauba wax with beeswax to deliver an outstandingly deep, wet shine.

Directions for use

Apply with a clean dry cloth working in small areas – one body panel at a time. In hot weather reduce the the area of application to prevent the wax from completely drying on the vehicle. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

To achieve the best results buff with a clean dry microfibre cloth or a machine polisher with a soft head.


MSDS available on request