Motorcycle Care Kit

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CELECTRO Motorcycle Care Kit provides you with the basics to care for and protect your motorcycle along with leather accessories.

Product Description

Motorcycle Detailing Kit:

A great package containing a range of products especially formulated and tested for use on motorcycles and accessories.

Trident Waterless Wash is a great innovation for removing dust and light dirt from you motorcycle following a period of storage or a quick ride. There is no need to get out your bucket and hose – simply apply a light spray, wipe over and buff for a great shine.

Bullet Shampoo diluted into a bucket of warm water will remover dirt and grime on any type of Motorcycle. Dilute as recommended, apply, agitate and wash with clean water. For that extra shine on painted parts use as light spray of Trident Waterless Was as directed above.

Bantam Leather Cleanser will allow you to keep your jackets, race suits, saddle bags and leather accessories free from bugs and road grime. Bantam Cleanser will also infuse your leather with nutrients to keep it supple, preventing it from cracking, but also provide a protective finish.