Vehicle Care Kit

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CELECTRO Vehicle Care Kit provides you with all the essentials that you need to provide a gleaming finish to the exterior of your vehicle.

Product Description

Vehicle Care Kit:

A great package containing a range of products especially formulated and tested for use on the exterior of cars.

Interceptor Shampoo

Formulated to loosen the toughest road grime and dirt without compromising protective coatings.

Dilute as recommended, apply, agitate and wash with clean water. For that extra shine on painted parts use as light spray of Celectro Trident Waterless Wash (not included).

Sabre Wheel Cleaner 

Sabre Wheel Cleaner makes one of the hardest parts to clean on a car a breeze. Sabre Wheel Cleaner is formulated to make the cleaning process as effortless as possible whilst guaranteeing excellent results every time.

Tuscan Tyre Dressing

Tuscan Tyre Dressing is designed to leave your tyre walls like new with minimum effort for maximum results.